Our mission

Proofworks is reimagining the industry with innovative solutions for production, ownership and consumer engagement. We've brought together the brightest minds to become one of the fastest growing companies in our space and are proud to work with leading organisations and brands to discover and implement future technologies to solve genuine business and consumer challenges.

Our technology

We believe blockchain is a fundamental building block of the future digital world - we combine this with our expertise in IoT and AI to create innovative and scalable technology solutions that bring genuine value to consumers and brands.

Through our powerful Proofworks platform we enable the digitalisation of production and the 'connection' of physical assets and products. We've pioneered blockchain-powered smart contract technology and digital deeds for ownership and authentication. Our marketplace product powers new forms of ownership, channels of engagement and accesses new global audiences.

Our Journey


All products and team come together under the new brand Proofworks.

Expert Proofworks board established to guide organisation on the next chapter.


Proofworks platform launched to manage and track every stage of product creation


Metacask marketplace launched to reimagine the ownership & trading of physical assets


Metacask breaks all records with the sale of The Macallan Cask NFT for $2.3m